Jewellery TLC

Our beautiful pieces of jewellery are made using delicate materials & should be cared for in the following manner to maintain a beautiful look over time. If your piece is not properly cared for it can result in loss of shine or discoloration to the plating & crystals.
-Always store jewellery in a pouch separately & occasionally polish with a soft cloth to maintain shine overtime
-Do not allow jewellery to come into contact with the following:
Water & moisture
Body care products such as hairspray, perfumes, moisturisers
Harsh chemicals such as bleach & other household cleaning agents
-Avoid hard contact with surfaces & do not wear jewellery when
Exercising & physical activity
Doing household chores
-Always allow your jewellery to be the last item you wear when dressing & remember to take it off first when undressing. Place your jewellery on after all body care products such as moisturisers, hairspray & perfume are worn.